Company History

The true measure of success for any General Contractor is repeat business and client loyalty. CR Commercial Contractors, Inc. believes success has been built on this basic principle. Long time clients like The Plaza Companies, Hardy World, MIG Real Estate are testament to the fact that quality, expertise, attention to detail and meeting client expectations is the foundation for CR’s continued success. While CR has been building quality tenant improvement projects since our inception in 2004, our team experience goes much deeper. Our team members share a common vision having worked together on many projects.

One of the most important pieces to any successful project is our subcontractors. Our subcontractor base is second to none when it comes to

experience, knowledge, and execution of any project we undertake. One of CR’s core beliefs is we are partners with our subcontractors, and this has led to relationships fostering cooperation and longevity. All our contractors have worked on multiple projects together and believe in the team approach.

What sets CR Commercial Contractors apart from our competitors is the daily interaction of CR’s ownership. Bigger is not always better, and their continued commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the quality of CR’s product. The same level of quality is implemented if it is for a multi-million-dollar project, or a small tenant renovation- each project matters.

CR believes that we are the best choice for any project based on our experience and overall commitment to quality. CR’s project teams have a humble, hungry, smart approach, and have day to day involvement of the company principles all while having the flexibility that comes from working with a smaller company.